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frequently asked questions

My clients start seeing results straight away from the moment they start implementing the workout and nutrition plans, no need to wait for months until you see yourself closer to the best version of yourself.

My coaching is a once-in-a-lifetime investment that you can put to use for years to come. The goal is to build a sustainable lifestyle change and incorporate fitness into your hectic schedule. 

For you to become self-sufficient and get into the best shape of your life without being restrictive and sacrificing your social life!

I don’t discuss costs until our consultation call as prices may change in the future, but it does depend on what it is you exactly need and how long you need to be coached to achieve the goal you have in mind! I can’t help everyone, nor do I want everyone’s money if I’m not going to give them great results, so the way these calls work is how we figure out what you need specifically to hit your goals and offer you help with what you need. If we feel like we’re not the best to help you out, we’ll refer you to someone we think could serve you better!
The Program is designed for you to work out 4 times per week, around 40-50 min each day. We schedule the workouts in a way that can fit your schedule seamlessly. Think about this, 4 hours per week equals 34 minutes per day, probably way less time than the one you spend on social media or watching TV. Making time for yourself is one of the best investments you could ever make.

My Coaching program has been set up to get incredible results for its members with minimal fuss! Gone are the days of only having a 1-on-1 in-person option. At a fingertip, you will have nutrition and training programs, and I’ll always be only a message away from supporting YOU! My Check-Ins are very in-depth. Every exercise is pre-recorded (no more second-guessing your technique).

I customize your workouts to whatever equipment you have access to. The key is the method, not the exercises, and you can get those results with a gym setting, bands, a pair of dumbbells, or just your body weight. I’ve got clients achieving incredible results by just using their body weight at home.

Yes, if you implement the plan and check in on time weekly, I’ll let you stay in the program for the next month until you achieve your desired results.

Yes, I believe that’s the purpose of online training, that you can train whenever you want and wherever you want, not bound to time or trainer availability. I provide you with everything you need to achieve the result, no matter where you are located in the world.

You will never turn down a social event! My 1–1 online coaching promotes a flexible dieting approach, we might limit a few things (if you need them) but never completely cut out. The only exception to this is if it’s causing problems and/or medical conditions that need to be taken care of. Alcohol on the other hand is a toxin and I will never promote this. That said, let’s just say some of my clients don’t cut it out and still get phenomenal results.

My programs are tailored for all levels, from people who have never exercised before to advanced lifters who need further expertise to achieve their goals or just don’t want to do the planning and programming part themselves, and trust me to guide them.