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Functional Fitness

With over 25 years of experience as fitness enthusiasts going from wrestling, kickboxing, jujitsu and weightlifting and over 10 years as a coach I can honestly say that I’m happy in my mind and body, being functional is the best thing a person can achieve.
Recent years I started implementing functional training for my clients to make sure they develop strongest core and body functionality- this will protect them for older age for sure.

I specialise in all aspects of fitness from fat loss to strength training- believe me or not those two can be totally different with possibly the same training- that’s where nutrition comes in place to separate those two.. but again functional training would be my first recommendation for everyone to improve their core strength, improve posture, strengthening back muscle protecting spine and improve stability in order to achieve any other goals.

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I offer free online consultation where we discuss clients lifestyle and experience, establish short term and long term goals, and based on that I will design PERSONALISED CUSTOMISED training plan for home or gym accordingly, nutrition and supplementation if needed and lifestyle changes step by step

Also offer members only nutritional guidelines and training tips for better performance and correct movements

Functional Training

Functional training is low impact training focusing on increasing flexibility, mobility, movement coordination, balance and posture- simply said : to ease everyday movements and reduce risk of injury and helping with joint pain. Functional training is different from weight training where you not focusing on building strength in only one muscle group but use the whole body - multiple muscles - emphasise core strength and stability.

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Client Transformations

I’ve got a love-hate relationship with Daniel, solely because he tortured me yet allowed me to live my life. I met him in the beginning phases of my fitness journey and he not only motivated me but taught me how to make better food choices including alcohol 😛 He’s an encouraging yet devious trainer, I didn’t see any results until him. Education is key, Daniel seems to have it and doesn’t hesitate to share the knowledge. If it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t be where I am today.


“I’ve been a long term client of Daniel and I can’t speak highly enough of him – he gets results. Daniel takes the time to understand your needs, he really does listen and tailors his training accordingly, even when my goals seem to change by the month. Sessions with Daniel are always hard work but always fun, I look forward to every training session, not because of the gym, but because of Daniel’s energy and enthusiasm which is contagious, as is his Covid 🦠; did I say that, strike that. I highly recommend Daniel Goomish to anyone who is looking to get fitter, stronger and toned.”


I found Daniel on social media and after consultation I knew he will be the right trainer for me, not only explained nutrition and what I need to change in my lifestyle habits (whiskey was hardest to cut down and completely stop after few weeks) but also he was taking every steps to guide me throughout every exercise to teach me proper movements. Within few months I totally transformed, lost body fat to extend that I could see six pack and from that point we started building more muscles focusing on adding calories in order to gain lean muscle. I put my trust in him not even knowing him and this was best decision I’ve made that time!


Over the years I have tried so many different gyms, exercise classes, personal trainers etc., but after a couple of months, I would stop because I would either lose interest or just not see any improvement. When I started training with Daniel, things changed. In a short period of time, my fitness increased noticeably and I got much stronger and toned. My fitness level is probably the best it has ever been and it’s all thanks to Daniel! The programs he puts you through are personalized and tailored. He is knowledgeable in all aspects of fitness, nutrition, and strength training. He is always very helpful, extremely accommodating and let’s not forget encouraging and motivating. When it comes time to working out you will never know what he has up his sleeve. He constantly varies exercises and switches up workouts. You will never get bored of the workouts. I believe he is one of the most experienced and committed trainers around. If you are looking for results Daniel is definitely the go-to person. Can't recommend it enough!!!


Appreciate all the care and support I got from my trainer Daniel, he was listening to me carefully and designed my training accordingly to my critical condition. With stronger core and using different muscles of the body to perform the movements instead of putting all the pressure on the spine, amin best condition.


I first started working with Daniel in the summer of 2019, having just moved to the UAE and looking to work on my strength. In the past I’d only done distance running and I had about a decade of ups and downs with my back - typically every 6 months I’d be laid out with a spasm. I knew I needed to fix this and spent a few weeks stalking a bunch of PTs on Instagram - looking for someone who focused less on gimmicks and bullshit and more on genuine strength. I was so glad to have connected with Daniel. I’m now a year in (minus a few months of lockdown) and have never felt stronger. My back issues are non existent and I’ve been hitting PBs I never thought I would. The main thing for me is I’ve never been someone who enjoyed working out, but by mixing up and tailoring my programs for me, and focusing on genuine strength, balance and stability, Daniel makes working out fun (when I’m not swearing at him for killing me off). Thanks Daniel - you are a superstar!



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